Four years of experience gained through testing on tracks all over the world is concentrated in the Benelli concept frames.

Complete safety for this undoubtedly sporty bike entirely designed using CAD systems. The frame has been created by joining the front end, including the steering head and the Molybdenum Chrome plated steel side framework, to the rear end, in cast aluminium alloy. The two parts are joined by strong stay bolts which pull the four frameworks for a perfectly solid joint, further reinforced by structural gluing (as in the aeronautic industry) to completely exclude the possibility of micro-movements and vibrations.

A distinctive sign of the continuous technical innovation is the visible saddle support frame in low thickness cast aluminium, with a high surface finish. A solution which has been implemented for the first time in Europe.

Light and unique in the world panorama, the entire shock absorber system has been constructed based on a Benelli design.

An authentic racing component constructed with the best available materials. A true modern sculpture in Aluminium alloy - some parts of which are moulded, others forged and still others, cast. A product created without compromise, like the most sophisticated competition bikes.

The TNT swing arm is constructed from a framework of high resistant pipes welded together and elements in micro-cast steel. The alloy pipes are hand welded. The structure is a natural extension of the cycling structure adding exceptional torsion and flexion rigidity combined with limited weight. The rear wheel eccentric facilitates the chain pulling operation in a logic of easy maintenance.

The use of heavy forks on the handling and of a prestigious shock absorber in Ergal at the rear contribute good performance consistency for safe riding regardless of road conditions.




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