30/4/2008 - DamareAmare
Charming moto-tourist trip from Pesaro to Sorrento and back

Organized by Tonino Benelli Motoclub of Pesaro and Benelly Q.J., in cooperation with Benelli Historical Register, Damareamare basically is a moto-tourist trip reserved to all Benelli Club members and lovers of historical brand.

Departure will be on Saturday 31st May from Pesaro in the direction of Sorrento riding our bikes for 550 kilometres crossing the Appennini. Once in Sorrento a welcome committee is scheduled and prepared by some local Benelli club members.
Return is set for Monday 2nd June in Pesaro on an alternative route. The total amount of 1.100 km will be covered in the three days!!!
At departure Benlli will line up one Tre1130K Amazonas and two TnT899, a base model and a sport one.

The event will be anticipated by an official presentation that will be held Friday 30th May in Europa square (Baia Flaminia - Pesaro) starting at 9.00 p.m. in the presence of responsibles of Benelli Motoclub and some of the Benelli Q.J. managers.
Classic and new production Benelli will be exhibited, including the bikes who will participate to the trip.
Besides of a DJ set there will be the unic music of the Benelli 70's competition four cylinders motorcycles (ex Saarinen - ex Pasolini) for an original event wish, the first of a set of events organized in cooperation between Benelli Q.J. and the Historical Register.

You are all invited to join the presentation of Friday 30th May!!


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